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Location of Rochester Community Garden
behind Rochester Library off the end of Wade Street

About Us

Rochester Community Garden is a publicly owned garden in the quaint village along the Fox River in Rochester, southeastern Wisconsin. The garden, located off the west end of Wade Street, is bounded by the Rochester Commons grounds on the east (including Rochester Public Library, farm land on the north, and wild swamp and woodlands on the east and south.

Started in 2009, the garden has expanded from 24 to 30 plots. Each plot is approximately 400-500 square feet. Plots are available for rental on a yearly basis for a small fee which is used to purchase items for the garden, such as a well, hay and straw mulch, and fencing.

Gardeners are encouraged to only use organic practices in their plots. Weed killers and artificial fertilizers are not allowed.

Rochester Community Garden encourages keeping the environment healthy and helping in community projects. Excess produce is collected twice a month to be donated to local food pantries, such as Love, Inc. and Community United Methodist Church.

We are part of our community. We enjoy gardening together.

Community Plot

While most of our garden plots remain personal, individual plots, we are pleased to have a Community Plot again this year. Over 18 people so far have volunteered to help with this garden.

Rochester Library will also have a plot this year, containing mostly flowers. This should be a very nice addition to our garden.

Weeds Notice

Last year we had a huge problem with weeds. Certain plots were left unattended and the weeds went to seed and spread throughout the garden.

Everyone at the meeting agreed that weeds will not be tolerated this year. We will work together to police the garden and now have the contact information for one another to politely inform one another should we feel another's weed problem may be excessive.

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